Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wolf's Two Cents... Terrorist Anonymous from destroy a boy's life in Youtube. "Operation Wolf"

WHERE IS "Wolf's Two CentsBOY?
"THIS IS OPERATION WOLF! By Anonymous from 4chan"
Fucking trolls Anonymous 04/25/11(Mon)10:08:58
Report to:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
CyberTipline Missing Children International
Nothing response
** boy missing 
** Accounts hacked, Fraud AdSense instaled
** Twitter deactivated since first attack on April
Comments in Videos: racism, grooming, bullyng, terrorism:
Introducing: Wolf's Two Cents
Wolf's Two Cents: School!
Wolf's Two Cents: Answers 1


  1. How do I know if I'm addicted to something or not?

    So far I've gone through 6 litres of milk =(


    lukekarsakis1 1 day ago
    ya'll niggers bein' trolled

    JacobGreenleaf 1 day ago
    ur gay

    TomValedro 1 day ago
    Bull the only thing you need to share is you a flamer.

    TheeCakee 1 day ago

    1. u are ugly

    2. obviously retarded

    3. search for some help. PLEASE

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    Raketbaever 1 day ago
    Fagget creeper. fuck.

    TheSTEFAN3MShow 1 day ago

    whitehawk852 1 day ago



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    inlovewithmariolara 2 days ago
    love when u wait a while in the beggining of the vid :D

    kirill747 1 month ago


    SeanRadeon 2 months ago
    I wish I could dislike more.

    TheJayLeHol 2 months ago
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    Sarickkk 2 months ago

    jatgoodwin 2 months ago
    My advice for you is to drink a shit ton of tequila and have sex with whores to fix your faggotry

    7heCookyeMonster 2 months ago
    You're so cute

    Austin6559 2 months ago
    kid you are you a massive faggot

    bigjtrain1234 2 months ago



    nice2bkneaded 2 months ago
    4chan is here

    rekiaz 2 months ago 12
    @rekiaz You're a faggot

    lolitrolUProductions 2 months ago

    alfredandalfredo 2 months ago
    Napoleon Dynamite?

    Frodrokok 2 months ago
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    alfredandalfredo 2 months ago

    should I sell my xbox360 too get money for my car licence?

    Melismedmajs 2 months ago
    @Melismedmajs haha I know that I would never sell my ps3 for a car because I'd be losing something that I really like and it means a lot to me.

    I suggest you find another way to get the money: either ask your parents and tell them you'll do chores for such an amount of weeks or maybe think about finding a job to get some extra cash!

    Hopefully I helped :P

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    Dude, you are awesome. Sincerely.

    pedrolieksmudkips 2 months ago
    @pedrolieksmudkips haha thanks! I'd love to have more supporters though... so much hate. I'm probably gonna stop reading comments but I like to see posts like yours :)

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
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    69Dugon 2 months ago
    add me on WoW:


  2. Cont Comments
    u play wow?111

    add me

    lospaul 2 months ago
    @lospaul dude gay

    Chris93Rock 2 months ago
    hey wolf, I've got a problem; I'm currently trying to solve the structure of a 72 kiloDalton protein complex, crystalised in a high phosphate concentration condition, with 100mM Hepes pH 7.5. It's a equal ratio of sodium monophospahte to potassium monophosphate at 1.5M. I'm trying to work out whether the phosphate concentration is high enough to act as a cryoprotectant with our in house diffraction apparatus? Should I possibly add some glycerol or PEG to act as a cryoprotectant? Thanks xx

    MrScruff23 2 months ago 8
    @MrScruff23 haha tough question

    I'll do some research and try to answer you the best way possible :P

    Maybe you could ask your teacher?

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago

    IWannaKissKegeal 2 months ago
    Do you have stuffed animals? Make videos raping them. You might get popular!

    systemfolife1234 2 months ago

    RapiDEraZeR 2 months ago
    this sucks

    DivBMesa 2 months ago
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    xXGucciHCarterXx 2 months ago

    I respect your opinion, but you'll have to watch your language... :S

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    @wolfs2cents first ok sorry for the bad language didnt know you dont like them , second I knew wt are you trying to get to people (help them by answering questions) thats a good idea , i liked your second video and i liked it to ... but you know dont scam people to watch this , first share it with friends and let it get some views then people on youtube will start watching this ..

    xXGucciHCarterXx 2 months ago
    How do I shot web?

    NOAHofDEATH 2 months ago
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    FATRgames 2 months ago
    Question: Will you reupload this video with soothing jazz in the backround?

    yackemflamber 2 months ago
    @yackemflamber Hmmmm... that's a wonderful idea for my next video! thanks yachemflamber!

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    FYI dramatic pauses/turns are for dramas...

  3. Coments on youtube
    yall niggas postin in boxxy's thread

    Reymon72 1 day ago
    I got myself a problem...

    GBeansauce 2 months ago
    this might be the worst video ever uploaded to youtube. you might be the last person i would ever come to for any type of advice. and you're probably the one who's in serious need of guidance. i can't believe that you're even allowed anywhere close to anything that has a signal. delete your youtube account and then promptly get hit by a parked car

    InkySunshine 2 months ago 2
    @InkySunshine :(

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    @InkySunshine That was brilliant.

    Mad1093 2 months ago
    i am 12 and what is this?

    PrimusCaN 2 months ago
    I wanna kill you, give me advices of how to

    mstl95 2 months ago
    If i jump off a building will i survive?

    xxbalthier 2 months ago
    @xxbalthier Depends how high the building is :P

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    Have you ever herped so derped?

    jth10182 2 months ago 2
    I've got a gun in my mouth and no reason to live. Unless you talk me out of it in two minutes my death rests solely on your helpfulness. Give me one god damn good reason to not pull this trigger and end it all tonight.

    duo317 2 months ago
    @duo317 Stay alive long enough so you can see the video I'll be posting tonight answering your question.

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    The next David Letterman!

    martinswhorescaresme 2 months ago
    can't let you do that star wolf.

    meneerneenee 2 months ago
    his video is actually pretty good! cant wait to see more.

    alfredandalfredo 2 months ago
    I'm traveling to an island where the natives always lie. Visitors always tell the truth, but within a few days the tropical sun changes their skin color so they look just like the natives. I can only ask one question to one person to determine if he or she is a native or a visitor. What is that question?

    gintroubad 2 months ago
    @gintroubad Hmm... I will try to answer this one in my next video!

    Thanks! Really interesting question.

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    @gintroubad hold up 3 fingers say: "how many fingers am i holding up?" if they say 3 they are a visitor, if not they are an islander.

    j1l9f9k0 2 months ago
    you're trying too hard : /

    TheMadamMalice 2 months ago
    ARE U A WIZARD??????

    wikiporno2 2 months ago
    my question is why do you look and sound so retarded and lie about a portal video glitch

    Rapider10 2 months ago
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    noidea1337 2 months ago
    Why would one go to populair youtube partners and post fake urls to this video?

    lol182lol 2 months ago
    I guess you don't have friends

    too bad for you

    xivox94 2 months ago
    inb4 shitstorm

    lolguy97 2 months ago
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    IHaveVendetta 2 months ago
    I've always wondered how to be a faggot, and you seem like the perfect teacher.

    GBeansauce 2 months ago 3
    fat weird bitch

    HighLifetage 2 months ago
    FUCK YOU for lying .... Im hoping that this doesent EVER get big ! I think that people like you that wants cheap views should be removed from youtube... Or killed. Your choise (:

    hejmine 2 months ago
    @hejmine I just need support to get the ball rolling.

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago
    The law of youtube: when there are more dislikes then likes, a video sucks.

    When there are 10 times more dislikes then likes: the video should be removed and the owner never touch a pc again!

    DeTovergieter 2 months ago 28
    So many trolls on youtube lol!

    wolfs2cents 2 months ago


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