Thursday, June 9, 2011

Operation tardsoap. "If he wins, we get a retard on the bottle this year". 4chan & "anonymous" have fun with pain of boys

BASTARDS ANONYMOUOS PLAN ATTACK WEB SITE, terrorism and child porn, hypocrisy go to new OP

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  1. Today
    Operation Tardsoap Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:24:16 No.333463249
    Continued from >>333449680

    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:54:28 No.333465986
    wtf Nnooooooo I got
    This IP address is blocked
    Votes from this ip address is no longer accepted.
    need proxy :(
    This is the new operation, read.
    >> fresh anon proxies Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:57:43 No.333466269
    >> fresh anon proxies Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:58:29 No.333466344
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:58:31 No.333466350

    yeah then tell them we will inform the media about them faking the vote for jenny
    >> Anonymous 06/10/11(Fri)08:59:02 No.333466393


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