Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feds Raid Boy's Home Over 4chan Child Porn Post

Notorious site's administrators sparked Homeland Security probe

JUNE 29--In what should serve as a warning to 4chan Nation, federal agents this month raided the home of a 15-year-old California boy who uploaded a single image of child pornography to the outlaw web site, whose administrators sparked the criminal probe, The Smoking Gun has learned.
Department of Homeland Security agents carried out the June 7 raid at the teenager’s Fresno home and seized the boy’s laptop and iPhone. The high school sophomore admitted posting the illegal image to 4chan, according to his father. Chris Glover, a 54-year-old contractor, also told TSG that agents discovered a folder on his son’s computer containing other illicit images.
According to an affidavit sworn by DHS Agent Calvin Kim, the boy uploaded an explicit photo of a naked prepubescent girl in late-February. Federal investigators learned about the post on 4chan’s “/b/” forum from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which provides law enforcement agencies with tips about the online distribution of child pornography.
In turn, NCMEC itself was alerted to the teen’s posting from 4chan’s administrators, who turned over a copy of the photo along with the IP address from which the image was uploaded. Michelle Collins, vice president of NCMEC’s exploited children unit, said that the group has a “working relationship” with 4chan, and that the notorious site has been “cooperative.”
The resulting federal investigation led DHS agents to Fresno, where they used a battering ram on Glover’s front door during the early-morning raid. Glover, who said he was briefly handcuffed when agents came through his door, said that he was “outraged that they came with all that manpower” over a “single post.” A single parent, Glover acknowledged that he was unaware of his son’s online activities. “These kids have access to more than they should,” he said.
Glover described his son as a good student who enjoys playing “Call of Duty” and is a fan of the Comedy Central show “Tosh.0.” He said that DHS agents extensively questioned his son about his activities on 4chan, a site Glover said he had never heard of until federal agents raided his home. Glover added that, since the raid, he has not heard from federal investigators, so he is unaware whether his son could face criminal charges.    
Since the raid, Glover said his son has not been allowed online and that he has made sure to review the teen’s Facebook page. But Glover was unaware that his son had a Twitter page and used a handle including the phrase “Anus Destroyer.” In one tweet to Justin Bieber, the boy asked the singer to come to Fresno so that he could “destroy” the singer’s anus. (3 pages)

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