Thursday, May 5, 2011

ANONYMOUS and 4chan, The dark secret: Child porn Strategic Everypоny I

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68 KB Rainbow Dash 05/05/11(Thu)10:16:08 No.326885148   [Reply]
Wondering what these threads are about? Here's the pilot of the series in glorious HD. Watch a few more episodes other than the pilot, as it isn't nearly as good as other episodes.

This, good mares and gentlecolts, is the official pоny thread. If you do see another pоny thread, redirect them here.

Everypоny equal. Everypоny loved. You don’t have to have a tripcode to be a brony, it’s just for fun.

Love, tоlerance, friendship, and kindness are the most important things a brony can have, let’s spread some joy and pοst sοme pοnies!
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>> Anonymous 05/05/11(Thu)10:34:53 No.326886726
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 Anonymous 05/05/11(Thu)10:38:57 No.326887052
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>> Vash !/0cTriGUn6 05/05/11(Thu)10:39:05 No.326887067
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>spam threads with cp
>expects them to 404 and cease existance forever


 Anonymous 05/05/11(Thu)10:24:19 No.326885778
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ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND BACK. Continuing testing stamina mods. reason :
"You are an idiot who dont know about the law.
I just want to remember you motherless are hosted in usa and have the same law. You are not partial, not even close. This is a unjustifed ban.(yeah you can ban without rules on /b/ but not with that reason, rules #1 have nathing to do with the #2)
You ban me 3 time for a false reason so i resume to you :
-1st : science debat (ban because of the discussion of a malformation foetus) and chose replying cp for motive.
-2st : For replying on a trap trade where the guyz was obviously 30 years and chose one more time "replying to cp" for motive.
-3st : Now ban for clothed Jailbait who are perfectly legal IN ALL STATES OF AMERICA. No discussion.
Last point of this appeal, you will suffer in pain, tonight i will download some illegal stuff illegal in usa but no in mine and posting for 3 days without any interuption.(except sleep of course)
I m mad ? Yeah, but in a short time you will be more. Be prepare faggot.
Also dynamic ip, also stfu, also fuck you."

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