Thursday, April 28, 2011

meme in youtube from fake anonymous! child pornographer fucking bastard!

ops! admin 4chan deleted this flame ha ha!!
They know under investigation!
4chan /b/ infernal child predators! hipocrites fake anonymous!
 Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)18:12:09 No.325518109
fucking faggots alltogether
telling shit like anon doesn't like this shit and so on and every fucking day there is a CP thread going on here

>> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)18:14:03 No.325518473
children enjoy cp

but that hot sauce and cold shower is out of line

  • Anon does not encourage CP. 4chan is not a CP website, its a website where you can post threads under specific things and share ideas, or get information on things. Yes, things on 4chan can be pornographic, but not CP, it is not encouraged. Anons are not child molesters, they are a group of unknown people that speak out against things they don't find correct, like this, and like playstation. So shut the fuck up about CP, visit /b/, try to find 5 cp threads, and i guarentee you wont. Dumbasses.

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