Friday, April 29, 2011

The dark secret: fake ANONYMOUS and 4chan: Terrorism in Youtube

 Anonymous 04/21/11(Thu)13:27:26 No.324095622
you guys need to rev up those threads! lets go guys!
>> Anonymous 04/21/11(Thu)13:27:50 No.324095680
     File1303406870.jpg-(113 KB, 500x500, FIMMMMLL.jpg)
113 KB
>> Anonymous 04/21/11(Thu)13:29:29 No.324095926
>> Anonymous 04/21/11(Thu)13:31:18 No.324096147
bumping for fat kid raid on all boards
>> Anonymous 04/21/11(Thu)13:34:40 No.324096590
     File1303407280.gif-(39 KB, 1010x1000, 1303125223329.gif)
39 KB
99% of /b/ acts like this or acted like this a short while ago I bet.
>> Anonymous 04/21/11(Thu)13:37:09 No.324096920
Operation: Fat Kid commencing
raid commencing

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