Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26 Attack youtube boys. Fake anonymous 4chan.org. Bastards! robber's accounts

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 Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:13:58 No.325170309  

For britfags only.
What do you think of this piece of shit wedding going on, any snipers gonna take a mother fucker out?

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:15:41 No.325170541
it's fucking stupid that we should have to pay for it

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:16:20 No.325170641
Fucking finally. I'm an Ausfag, and you fuckers should be embarrased that we all hate you because of your gay fucking Royal Wedding flooding our god damn television, like we give a fuck if a marriage is on?

Any brtifags or Ausfags fucking HATE this shit?

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:18:17 No.325170920
I'm a canfag, and as a nation of "NOT SO" great britain i'm ppissed. Even though my tax dollars don't pay for it, it's so stupid. What if i don't like them, why do i have to put up with their shit

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:19:00 No.325171036
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don't know why everyone's getting mad. I don't give a shit if I have to pay peanuts for the wedding, I have better shit to think about. Not even a monarchy fag, I just don't feel the butthurt.

Dude seems nice enough (so does she), hope they enjoy their wedding.

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:19:19 No.325171080
I am a scofag and I hate this bullshit

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:19:53 No.325171160
The Royal Family does fuck all except bleed us for money.

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:20:25 No.325171263
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>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:20:49 No.325171331
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>britfags only

>mfw American talks throughout entire video

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:20:52 No.325171339
Amerifag here.. that shit is spamming our tvs too.. its big celeb news.. and they are suppose to show special coverage...

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:21:57 No.325171512

Being Scottish, you're a money-leaching waste of fucking space as it is.

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:23:14 No.325171723

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:23:36 No.325171778
I'm Canadian, not American don't make stupid assumptions.

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:23:45 No.325171798
I care because we get a day off.

Fuck am I gunna waste it watching that shit though.

>> anon 04/26/11(Tue)12:23:58 No.325171828
Personally I think its a serious load of shit, quite funny that a "country" with serious financial difficulties can afford to pay for this. I'm even forced to take a day off work because the site is shutting for the day... and i fucking love my work!

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:24:35 No.325171916
The only sensible post ITT

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:25:04 No.325172000
no one really gives a shit, i sure dont, but at least it gives you a chance to do this

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:25:32 No.325172067
Is this the same fucking family that put Churchill in charge?

Fuck them for costing thousands of Australian, Canadian, New Zealander and South African Lives in their stupid as fuck WW1

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:26:36 No.325172223
Oh im a nice fucking guy to, pay for my wedding u dick cheese-licking anus-munching ball-juggling serious piece of dirty ass tits vagina.

>> Anonymous 04/26/11(Tue)12:26:39 No.325172233
     File1303835199.png-(163 KB, 281x417, funnyguy.png)
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ITT faggot OP who is butthurt he's an obvious American

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